Wind & Willow Soup Mixes, 

Dips and Cheeseball Mix 

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Wind and Willow Soup Mixes
Wind and Willow Broccoli Cheddar Soup Mix
Broccoli Cheddar is so creamy it's hard to believe you just have to add water. Ready in 10 minute
wind and willow roasted red pepper asparagus soup
   Roasted Red Pepper Asparagus in a wonderful cream sauce. Ready in only 10 minutes.  
Wind and Willow Tortilla Conqueso Soup
Tortilla con Queso has just the
 right mix of southwest flavors.
Add chunks of cooked chicken for
 a hearty meal.
Wind and Willow Potato Soup
 Baked Potato is so rich & creamy and ready in 20 minutes! Add just a few ingredients to create home made clam chowder
Wind and Willow Tomato Soup
New from Wind and Willow,
 Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.  
Wind and Willow Smokey Harvest Chowder
  New from Wind and Willow,  Smokey    
   Harvest Chowder Soup


Wind and Willow Dip Mixes
Dip Mix
Dips are fabulous for  dipping, sandwhich spreads baked potatos and more!



Loaded Cheddar ~Spinach & Parmesan  ~Southwest Queso 


Wind and Willow Cheeseball Dessert Mixes

Carmel Apple Cheeseball Mix Lime Cheeseball Mix 


Cheeseball & Appetizer Mixes