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 Braided Jute Table Top and accessory items  by Homespice Decor.  Great for any country and primitive style kitchen or home decor accents.    Made of natural fiber, jute rugs and accessory items are soft, durable and affordable. Available in rich earth tones and vibrant hues, they provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that stresses the importance of an eco-friendly environment.

Cider Barn  ~  Deep Red, Green, Tans
Deep vibrant red, rich shades of green and a blend of soft tans form a declicious concoction of colors.
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tabletopview coordinating Jute Tabletop & Accessories 
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Jute Braided Rugs

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20" x 30" Oval Rug $19.99
20" x 30" Rectangle Rug $24.99
27" x 45" Oval Rug $39.99
27" x 45" Rectangle  Rug $49.99
4 x 6 ft.  Oval Rug $129
4 x 6 ft.  Rectangle Rug $149
2.5 x 6 ft.Oval Runner $79
2.5 x 6 ft Rectangle Runner $99
5 x 8 ft.  Oval Rug $199
5 x 8 ft.  Rectangle Rug $249
6 x 9 ft.  Oval Rug $289
6 x 9 ft.  Rectangle Rug $329
8 x 10 ft Oval Rug $449
8 x 10 ft Rectange Rug $499

*Please note: Due to differences in computer monitors and manufacturers dye processes, there may be slight variations in color between the actual product and the image on your screen. Can't decide on a color, order sample swatch or purchase a smaller  item so it can be easily returned to us.