Barn Star C19 Bradied Rugs and Accessories 

at Lake Erie Gifts & Decor

Beautiful accent rugs, hand braided from jute, one of the strongest fibers known to man. Great for kitchens or bath as jute fibers naturally repel water and spills will bead up, allowing for quick clean-up. 
    Clean with soap and water, with a mild carpet shampoo or dry clean. Cleaning enhances the beauty of these rugs. Vacuum normally. Do not machine wash. 

All braided Barn Star items coordinate with our C-19 Bradied Oval and Rectangle rugs.

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C-19 Barn Star Braided Collection
Our Barn Star design braided collection by Earth Rugs features a color mixture of Burgundy/Mustard. This star pattern coordinates with the C-19 Burgundy/Mustard collection 
Barn Star Round Braided Rug

27" Round Rug

Barn Star
20x30 Oval Rug 
$25.99  Barn Star
barn star 019
27x45 Oval Rug  
$52.99  Barn Star
3 x5 Oval  Rug 
$99.99  Barn Star
4 x 6 Oval Rug  
$169.99  Barn Star
Star 313 5x8 rug
5 x 8 Oval  Rug  
$269.99  blak Star
runner 313star
2 x 6 Oval RunnerRug  
$79.99  Barn Star
Barn StarBraided Rug
Rectangle Rugs
20x30 ~ $29.99 Barn Star

27x45 ~ $54.99 Barn Star

Table Top Braided 019 Star Collection
Barn Star Round Placemat
019 Barn  Star Round Printed Placemat
$10.99 each  Barn Star
13"x19" Oval Barn Star Placemat

$10.99 each  Barn Star
Chairpad 15.5" Diameter

$9.99 Barn Star

27 x 8.25" Barn Star Oval Stair Treads

$9.99 each  Barn Star

13 x 36" Oval Runner 
 $19.99  Barn Star

13"x 48" Oval Runner 
 $26.99  Barn Star
Barn  Star Individual Coaster 5"

$1.99 Black Star Coaster
STP-319 Barn Star Trivet

$14.99 Barn Star

BP-313 Black Stars Utility Baskets Our Jute Braided Utility Baskets comes in three different sizes.
9x7 Small
Black Stars utility basket

13x9 Medium
Barn Stars utility basket

17x11 Medium
Barn Stars utility basket