Pip Berry Willow Trees  

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Willows are must have in Primitive style decor. Add a single tree to accent your primitive and country home decor or pair together for a stunning display.

Pip Berry and Stars Willow Trees
Willow Tree

Willow Trees with Stars

You will absolutely love these beautiful Willow Trees. Willow trees are accented in rusty stars and stand on a wood. Available in  24" and 36" tall. Pair together for an impressive display  Choice of burgundy/cream mix or cream pip berries.
24" Tall Willow Trees


36" Tall Willow Trees


Pip Berry  Willow Trees
Willow Tree 24"
Burgundy  Willow Trees
7"   Burgundy Willow Tree
 $5.99 ~ 

14" Burgundy Willow Tree
$9.99 ~  

18" Burgundy Willow Tree


24" Burgundy Willow Tree

Cream Willow
CreamWillow Trees
7"   Cream Willow Tree
 $5.99 ~ 

14" Cream Willow Tree
$9.99 ~  

18"   Cream Willow Tree
$15.99 ~  

24" Cream Willow Tree