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HOT ITEM!!! Radiance Canvas Prints feature country artwork on stretched canvas, backlit with a flickering LED light for a warm, inviting glow. Lights are completely hidden so all canvases can be displayed with lights on or off. The LED lights draw little power allowing the batteries to last for days of continuous use. Requires AA batteries (not included). Optional Switch It converter is now available which will allow you to switch your Radiance Lighted Canvas from battery power to electric power.
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Switch it Easily convert your lighted Canvas to electric power by using the Switch It adapter. Remove the AA standard batteries from the canvas battery pack and insert the special switch it batteries that are in the kit. Plug into a wall outlet and your Lighted Canvas is now powered by electric.
$21.99  print

Live Laugh Live Lighted Canvas

Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love is a still-life of a country lantern and berry branch filled basket set against a smokey gray background, with handwritten-look "Live, Laugh, Love" script along the top.  Available in 2 sizes.  

 Small  Canvas 5 "x 15

$12.99  print

Large Canvas 10" x 30"

$34.99  print
Faith Family Friends Lighted Canvas
Faith Family Friends
Faith Family Friends is a lovely country photo print by folk artist Billy Jacobs, featuring a weathered book, berry branch,  mustard-colored ceramic plate, and a grungy candle, set against a warm ivory background, handwritten-look "Faith, Family, Friends, these three things are the Foundation of a Happy Life..." quote along the top.

 Small  Canvas 5 "x 15
$12.99  print

Large Canvas 10" x 30"

$34.99  print

Shine Your Light  Lighted Canvas

Red Saltbox

Shine Your Light is a lovely still life of primitive grungy candles and a well-worn book, against a weathered windowsill background. 12" H x 16" W.

$19.99  print
Hands to Work Lighted Canvas
Hands to Work
Hands to Work is a rustic still-life of a weathered workbench with wood-working tools, a worn book, an antiqued candle holder, and a handwritten-look "Hands to Work, Hearts to God" quote along the top. 16" H x 12" W
$19.99  print
Billy Jacobs Sunday Meeting Lighted Canvas

Sunday Meeting

A TOP SELLER!  Lighted Canvas with artwork from Artist Billy Jacobs. Sunday Go to Meeting church canvas features lights the country church windows that light up and flicker. Canvas measures 12 inches high by 20 inches long.

$24.99 print

Lavender Days Lighted Canvas
Can vas
Lavender in a pitcher with a basket and candles make this beautiful wall art. LED lights are powered by AA batteries and there is an on/off/timer switch on the side of the canvas. Measures 13.5  x 16".

$24.99 print

Gardeners  Lighted Canvas

waterning can
Lighted canvas of a gardener's watering can and clay pots. A single candle has a flame that lights up and flickers like real candle flame. Canvas measures 12 inches x 12 inches.
$18.99  print
Friends Gather Lighted Baskets and Birdhouse Canvas

Friends Gather Here
Lighted Canvas with country theme featuring baskets, a birdhouse and candle with a berry vine lighted border around the print. Canvas measures 10 inche x 30 inches. Powered by AA batteries with an on/off swith on the side of the canvas.
$53.99  print

Lighted Canning Jar Chandelier Canvas

caning jars
Lighted Canning Jar Canvas meaures 18 inches x 12 inches and features Old Fashion mason jars repurposed into hanging lamps. Tiny lights hidden behind the canvas will light up and flicker. On/off switch on the side of canvas allow you to easily display this wall art with the lights on or off
$23.99  print

Lighted Row of Canning Jars with candles
Row of canning jars
Measures 9" x 26"
$32.99  print
Mason Jars
Mason Jars with
Measures 16.5 inches x 10 inches
$22.99  print
Lighted Vintage Graters Canvasgraters
Canvas measures 12 inches x 12 inches and the vintage graters flicker.  LED lights are powered by AA batteries and there is an on/off/timer switch on the side of the canvas'
$22.99  print

Radiance Lighted Canvas Hot Coffee Sign Coffee Canvas
Canvas measures 18 inches x 18 inches and the coffee sign lights flicker. Great decor piece for coffee lovers. LED lights are powered by AA batteries and there is an on/off/timer switch on the side of the canvas
$44.99  print

Fall Lighted Canvas
Fall Lighted Canvas
Winter Canvas
Winter Lighted Canvas

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