Lighted Fall Canvas Prints

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Switch it Easily convert your lighted Canvas to electric power by using the Switch It adapter. Remove the AA standard batteries from the canvas battery pack and insert the special switch it batteries that are in the kit. Plug into a wall outlet and your Lighted Canvas is now powered by electric.
$21.99  print

Canvas Print - I Love Fall - Twinkling Led - Timer 6 Hrs
Canvas Print - I Love Fall - Twinkling LED Wood, Optical Fiber 6 hrs on 18 hrs off. Measures 18" x 12".

 $29.99 Jack Rug
Lighted Jacko Lantern
Jack o Lantern Canvas
Jack O'Lantern is a spooky Halloween print of a grinning Jack O'lantern with a full moon and a silhouette of a church yard behind him. 12" square.

$19.99  Lighted Canvas Pumpkin Spice
Bittersweet Shutter Lighted Canvas
Sunday Meeting

Lighted Canvas  20 inches long.
Our Bittersweet Shutter is a Radiance Lighted Canvas, the perfect blend of art and light. It is a beautiful fall print featuring bittersweet on aged shutters. The canvas is stretched over an arched wood frame which adds to its unique look. At night you can turn it on and the tea light glows with a warm flickering light. Simply insert 4 "AA" batteries into the battery box and flip the switch located on the side of the 26" high x 14" wide canvas
$39.99  print
Radiance Lighted Canvas Pumpkin Spice w/ Timer

Sunday Meeting

Beautiful Radiance Lighted Canvas with artwork from Artist Billy Jacobs. Pumpkin Spice Canvas measures 12 inches high by 16 inches long. 

$24.99  Lighted Canvas Pumpkin Spice