Greenleaf Room Spray, Home Fragrance Oil, Sachets and Potpourri

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 Greenleaf  6oz. Aerosol Room Spray

A quick shake and a gentle spray is all you need to simply diffuse the air with a pleasant fragrance. You only need a little to get a lot of lasting fragrance! Each bottle of room spray contains 6 fl.oz.

$10 Each  

Greenleaf Home Fragrance Refresher Oil

This "magic bottle" of pure fragrance is a simple way to quickly scent any room. Use to refresh potpourri, or add a few drops to a lamp ring or oil warmer.

$7 Each 

Greenleaf Reed Diffuser Oil

Greenleaf Reed Diffuser Oil

Our #1 selling Reed Diffuser Oil.  

A great new way to add fragrance to your home. Greenleaf's Reed Diffuser oils are fabulous. Simply add oil to any decorative bottle and allow reeds inside oil to aborb. Reverse reeds every few days to enhance the smell. Each bottle of oil contains 8.5 fl.oz.

ReedOil 8.5 oz