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Greenery Collections
Baby Grass Ring Fall Baby Grass Ring
Rosehips Herb Collection

Rosehip & Herb Collection
Mini Leaf Hanging Vine

Lemon Beauty Collection
Wisteria Collection
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Mini Leaf Burgundy Berry Collection
Herb Burlap 14
Herb Burlap Arrangment measures approximately  14" high.
$18.99 Arrangement
Foliage Nest Pot
Foliage Nest Potted arrangment measures approximately 13.5" High
$24.99 Arrangement

Jasmine 6 ft Garland
A stunning Boston Fern so realistic looking, you have to touch and feel it be sure.  Great in pots or baskets indoor  or covered porch or patios.    

$59.99 Each Boston Fern

6 Foot Jasmine Leaf Garland

Jasmine 6 ft Garland
A stunning garland when placed over your window treatment, banister or drape accros your mantle. Jasmine Garland is a light, wispy looking garland in a sage green color and measures 6 ft. long.

 ON BACKORDER until mid-July  

$38.99 Each Jasmine Garland 6ft