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Greenleaf Reed Diffuser Oil

Greenleaf Reed Diffuser Oil


Our #1 selling Reed Diffuser Oil.  

A great new way to add fragrance to your home. Greenleaf's Reed Diffuser oils are fabulous. Simply add oil to any decorative bottle and allow reeds inside oil to aborb. Reverse reeds every few days to enhance the smell. Each bottle of oil contains 8.5 fl.oz.

ReedOil 8.5 oz


 Fiber Reeds
Fiber Reeds
NEW! FIBER REEDS - Utilizing brand new technology, Greenleaf’s Reed Diffusers now feature biodegradable fiber reeds, which offer stronger fragrance and better performance. The new fiber technology increases fragrance throw by 100%, compared to traditional rattan reeds, and provides consistent wicking through the reed.

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Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Differ kit
Differ kit
Our Grenleaf Reed Oil is our #1 selling Reed Oil. Greenleaf Reed Diffusers are a simple, decorative way to fragrance your home and personalize your space. Wonderful new gift sets that include a bubbled glass container, new fiber reeds and one Reed Diffuser Oil. This set is perfect for teachers, hostess gifts, and gift exchanges.

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