Bittersweet Floral Collection 

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Bittersweet Floral Collection
The Bittersweet Collection is a fall best seller!  Bittersweet is a blend of yellow fabric and 1/4" berries on a handwrapped base. Add seed lights to the garlands for a stunning display.

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This Bittersweet Wreath measures  approximately 12" outside diameter, 6" inner diameter.  

$15.99 Bittersweet
This Bittersweet Wreath has flexible branches that are accented by golden fabric leaves and dark red 1/4" round berries. 20" in diameter.

$45.99 Bittersweet

This Bittersweet ring is approximately 2" on the inside and is 6" diameter on the outside.  Great for taper candles , chandelier bulbs.
$4.99 Bittersweet

This Bittersweet Ring is approximately 4" inside and 8" on the outside diameter. Great as a wreath, or use as a candle ring.

$5.99 Bittersweet
Bittersweet Spray is approximately 18" long.
$5.99 Bittersweet

Bittersweet Garland

Bittersweet faux garland measures approximately 4 feet in length.

$23.99 Bittersweet