Candle Lanterns

at Lake Erie Gifts & Decor

You will love decorating with these candle lanterns. Place your favorite battery operated or decorative candle inside for a stunning display.
Cadle Lantern
Square Base Regal Lantern
Square Base Regal Lantern. Iron Lantern in black finish with glass. Shown with 3" pilllar candle. Measures 5 1/4" sq. x 15" tall.
Candle not included.

Cadle Lantern
Hexagonal Base Regal Lantern
Lantern - Regal, Hexagonal Base. Iron Lantern in black finish with glass. Measures 5 1/2" dia. x 13" tall.

Steeple Lantern
This large lantern measures 10¼" wide at the widest part of the arms and 21" tall to the top of the handle. Base is 7¾" dia. and has a 5" dia. ring on the base for your candle. Has a textured dark grey finish. Shown with a 3" by 6" candle. Includes a glass chimney that measures about 7" wide and 11" tall. Candle is not included.

candle lantern
Love Home Family FriendsLantern
Love Home Family FriendsLantern Measures 13"tall x x 6.5"wide  Shown with 3 pillar candle, not included.#22-279.d

This Black Star Candle Lantern with star cutouts is made of black metal. The fluted pan will hold pillar candles or small jar candles. It measures 13.5" tall and can hold candles up to 6" tall.

candle lantern
Curved Garden Lantern
This cream-colored lantern has curved glass which adds detail to this piece. Features a curved door on one side with a latch. Measures 12" long, 7½" wide and 16½" tall to handle. Shown with 3 pillar candles, not included.

Virginia Lantern
Measures 10½"W x 7½"D x 15"T. This large metal lantern has a latch on the side for easy access. It is shown with two pillar candles, not included.

Candle Lantern
Large Railroad Lantern
This cream lantern measures 10" square and 21" tall to top of handle. Features a door with a latch to access candle and other items inside the lantern. Top is open to allow for ventilation. Comes in a cream colored finish with chips of grey and light blue underneath. Candle is not included.

$69.99 Pan
Bayside Lantern
Measures 8" dia. x 13"T. A glass chimney is included. Lantern latches at the top for easy access. Shown with a 3" pillar candle, not included.